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Commercial asbestos removal information

If you’re renovating or demolishing a building that contains asbestos, you need to ensure that asbestos removal is performed competently, and in accordance with health and safety requirements.

It’s not just a legal requirement; it will keep your staff and contractors safe.

ARNZ have the expert team for the job

We offer a fixed price for our commercial asbestos removal services so you can be assured there will be no unexpected budget blow outs.

We assess all tenders for removal jobs in-house with our QS team to provide an accurate and fair quote based on best practice methodology analysis. We make sure we factor in all contingencies so we can provide an accurate quote that doesn’t cut any corners.

Our team is trained specifically for asbestos removal. We have partnered with industry leaders to provide our safety and removal protocol, which is above current legal requirements..

Our removal teams will use the correct PPE safety gear, and set up decontamination units and all safety protocols necessary to protect the building, your staff and the environment.

Are you ready for the new health and safety regulations?

New health and safety regulations effective April 2016 will make the management and safe handling of asbestos a critical factor for directorial governance and risk management. Companies will be required to provide evidence of legal processes in place for risk management of asbestos. Under the new regulations, a company of asbestos. Under the new regulations, a company carrying out construction or renovation will be considered a Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) and will be directly liable for the risks and consequences of any unsafe asbestos removal practices.

What is a Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU)?

Previous health and safety regulations focused on traditional roles such as employers, employees, and the self-employed. But the modern workplace is more complex. Some organisations will have multiple working arrangements for workers in the same location, and the question of who holds responsibility for health and safety has become complicated.

New regulations reflect the changing modern workplace and introduce the concept of the Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking, known as a PCBU. As a PCBU you’ll be the holder of the duty to uphold health and safety of your workers, your contractors, and your visitors and customers. You’ll be required to engage with workers and have effective worker participation practices regarding health and safety.

Despite its name, a PCBU will usually be a business entity, such as a company, rather than an individual person. However, a person might be a PCBU if they are a sole trader or self-employed. This also applies to landlords with rental properties- read more

This means…PCBUs need to take a broader approach to health and safety

PCBUs will be responsible for the health and safety of everyone working on the job—this includes contractors as well as employees. If you have a demolition team or untrained labour force removing asbestos on your site, you are deemed responsible for their health and safety processes.

How ARNZ can help

Asbestos is one area where rigor, correct procedure, and paperwork are important, both to keep people safe and to protect you from potential legal consequences in the future.

You can count on us to fulfill all the correct removal protocols to ensure the highest standards of health and safety at all times so you can meet your duty of care in complete confidence.

  • We offer a fixed price for removal
  • We only use specialist trained removalists fully complaint with our H & S protocol
  • Our methodology is comprehensive and above current H & S requirements
  • Our health and safety protocols are beyond the current legal requirements so you can be sure your duty of care is in safe hands.
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