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“I’ll Be Fine If I Wear A Mask”


Simply wearing a mask is not enough. You can’t see the microscopic dust particles from asbestos that are released when disturbed. The dust can remain airborne for a long time, which can contaminate the very room you are trying to remove it from. The most amount of work for a professional asbestos removal company is not the process of actual removal, but setting up the correct PPE gear, isolating the asbestos and removing it correctly following best practice health and safety practices. Don’t take the risk, get the experts to do it. If you suspect or are concerned about asbestos exposure speak to us at ARNZ

Looking for a professional removal service?

Our team is trained specifically for asbestos removal. We use the correct safety gear and set up of decontamination units, and use all safety procedures necessary to protect your home and the environment.

The process

If your home has tested positive for asbestos, a member of our team can visit to assess the situation and create a plan for safe removal. We have protocols and methodology for all different types and locations of asbestos to prevent any contamination and provide a safe and efficient removal.

We may need to tent a room or your whole home so that we can contain dust and minimise exposure risk.

Our quote will cover all aspects of the set-up, removal and disposal process. We will confirm how long the job will take and outline what you can expect before we begin.

Where possible we try to isolate individual affected rooms to minimise disruption.

How do I know it has been safely removed?

We follow the best safety practices when we deal with asbestos – for our own safety, as well as for the sake of anyone who might use that environment in future. So, when we have removed the asbestos, we get an independent analyst to verify that the air and surfaces are asbestos free. We will provide a clearance confirmation report as part of our removal process.

I have asbestos-backed lino. Can I remove it myself and then arrange a disposal service?

We don’t believe this is a safe option for our team or for the public.
If a residential homeowner chooses to remove asbestos themselves and does not follow best practices for health and safety, we may end up picking up waste that has been bagged incorrectly, with a chance of asbestos dust exposure. This could potentially could put our team at risk. It is a much safer option to get all asbestos removed professionally so we can be sure the disposal process is as safe as it can be.

Where is asbestos taken to? Can I take it myself?

Our asbestos disposal process is fully audited, with all asbestos waste safely transported to an approved disposal site. All deliveries are fully documented and can be verified. There is no public transfer station that you can take asbestos waste to.

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