About Us

We created Asbestos Removal New Zealand because we saw the need for safe removal of asbestos within the construction and renovation industry in New Zealand.

Our parent company Auckland Building Group (ABG) has been in the home renovation and construction business for 20 years. Builders, tradespeople, and home owners are too often exposed to asbestos in the demolition and renovation process, and the ABG team saw people attempt to remove asbestos without correct gear or any awareness of what they were doing.

Over the years ABG trained its demolition team to check for potential asbestos risks before starting work. We developed our own safety protocols, and became aware of a real need to raise asbestos awareness in both the building industry and the public arena. We were inspired to prevent accidental exposure to and knowledge of this deadly product, and set out to offer a professional testing and removal service that leads the way for best practice for health and safety in New Zealand.

Our mission is to protect people and the environment from asbestos exposure.